Rolling the Dice in Kampala: A Grub Street Guide to the City's Casinos

We've delved into the heart of the city's top casinos, placing our bets and sharing the inside scoop on what to expect

Nov 14, 2023 - 22:17
Rolling the Dice in Kampala: A Grub Street Guide to the City's Casinos
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Living in Kampala is a whirlwind of entertainment, from bars and nightclubs to poetry nights and art openings. Amidst this vibrant scene, casinos emerge as adult playgrounds, offering an all-in-one experience of sin and chance. We've delved into the heart of the city's top casinos, placing our bets and sharing the inside scoop on what to expect, demand, and consider before you ante up.


Simba Casino: Neon Glitz and Service Glitches

Location and Ambiance:

Simba Casino, adorned with a giant neon sign in Garden City, seems like the go-to choice. Neon lights often promise excitement, but does Simba deliver?

Gaming Options:

Simba offers a spectrum of slot machines and standard table games, ranging from roulette to poker. It's a comprehensive gaming haven for those feeling lucky.

Service Quirks:

However, our experience raised questions about the casino's service standards. Despite the norm of complimentary drinks and food in Kampala's casinos, Simba's approach left us baffled. After a considerable investment and continuous play, drinks arrived at a glacial pace, food was denied, and cigarettes were begrudgingly provided. Attempts to clarify with management were met with silent resistance, leaving a cloud over our gaming experience.


Mayfair Casino: Classy Allure with a Policy Twist

Historical Favourite:

Mayfair Casino, a local favourite for years, has long been synonymous with class and charm. However, recent policy changes have shed a new light on this establishment.

Policy Update:

Once abundant in complimentary offerings, Mayfair now implements a 20% gratuity policy based on your evening spend. While this might sound lucrative, the reality left us questioning its worth, especially after a less-than-polite lecture from the pit boss.

Class vs. Policy:

The clash between Mayfair's historical elegance and its evolving policies raises the question: Is the allure of class enough to compensate for a shift in generosity? The patrons will decide.


Kampala Casino: Relaxed Charm and Poker Wisdom

Hidden Gem in the Heart:

Nestled on the 2nd floor of the Pan Africa house on Kimathi Ave., Kampala Casino might not boast neon glamour, but it has a charm of its own.

Relaxed Atmosphere:

Despite slightly dated decor, Kampala Casino exudes a relaxed ambiance that captures the essence of an old poker house. The chips may be older, but the staff's warmth and readiness to teach poker to novices make it an inviting option.

Customer-Centric Experience:

Quick and efficient customer service, along with complimentary beer, sodas, juices, and finger foods, positions Kampala Casino as a hidden gem for those seeking a genuine and enjoyable gaming experience.


Pyramids Casino: Decadence Inside a Gaming Monument

Architectural Extravagance:

Pyramids Casino stands out not just for its gaming offerings but for its extravagant setting inside a giant hollowed-out pyramid on Yusuf Lule. The styling is decadent, and the reported high winnings have elevated its reputation.

Expectation of Play:

While food and drink are on the house, there's a catch—the expectation to continue playing. Patrons should be ready to place high bets to keep the revelry going. Regular tournaments add a competitive edge for serious gamers.

Pyramids as a Favourite:

Despite the play-to-win expectation, Pyramids remains a favourite among many, promising not just a gaming experience but a visual spectacle within its architectural marvel.


Taj Mahal Casino: A Musical Oddity with Friendly Faces

Unconventional Charm:

Taj Mahal Casino might be smaller in size, but its unique charm sets it apart. Notably, it boasts the best music atmosphere among Kampala's casinos.

Friendly staff and generous offerings:

Size doesn't compromise service at the Taj Mahal. With attentive staff, a decent food menu, and generous drink offerings, it's an odd duck that manages to deliver a delightful gaming experience.

Learning and Fun:

For those new to the gaming scene, Taj Mahal stands out. Dealers and pit bosses are not just there for business; they add a touch of fun by helping out with games and ensuring that the music resonates with the lively atmosphere.


Additional Offerings and Considerations

Beyond Tables and Slots:

For those seeking alternatives to traditional gaming, Mayfair and Simba Casinos host bingo nights. Poker enthusiasts can indulge in high-stakes games and tournaments at Mayfair and Pyramids. However, these high-stakes affairs demand a prepared wallet, with minimum bets ranging from 100,000 to 200,000 UGX per play.

Currency Acceptance:

It's worth noting that all casinos accept cash in various denominations, from euros to dollars, offering flexibility for international patrons.


Conclusion: Tips for a Memorable Night Out

Kampala's casino scene offers a diverse array of experiences, from the glitzy allure of neon lights to the relaxed charm of hidden gems. As you embark on your casino adventure, remember to tip the dealer, share a smile with the waiter, and, most importantly, savour the moment, win or lose. In the vibrant tapestry of Kampala's vices, the casinos stand as intriguing chapters, waiting for you to roll the dice and make your mark.

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