The Best 11 Online Shopping Websites in Uganda (2024): From Jumia to Jiji

There are many great online shopping sites in Uganda, but in this blog post, we will highlight the 10 best ones, and more. We have chosen these 10 sites based on a number of factors, including the quality of their products, the variety of items they offer, and the level of customer service they have.

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Jan 30, 2024 - 11:40
The Best 11 Online Shopping Websites in Uganda (2024): From Jumia to Jiji
Online shopping

Have you ever had a day when all you wanted to do was remain inside? It can be a rainy afternoon in Uganda, and you weren't motivated to leave your home. Or perhaps you're feeling unwell and lack the energy to visit the store.

There is nothing I enjoy more than working at my desk in a comfortable chair while gazing out the window, surfing online stores, and contemplating what to buy. On occasion, online shopping can lead to incredible savings that you might not otherwise find.

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  1. Types of online websites in Uganda.
  2. The top ten online shopping websites in Uganda
  3. Other Online Shops in Uganda
  4. How do I receive the products I ordered online from abroad?
  5. What are the benefits of shopping online?
  6. Online shopping security tips in Uganda and any other place.
  7. In a nutshell,

In Uganda, online shopping is growing in popularity as more and more individuals choose it over traditional brick-and-mortar establishments to make purchases. This is probably due to the fact that shopping online is not only practical but also a terrific way to save money.

Types of online websites in Uganda.

Categorizing online shopping websites is not easy because some online stores are specific, while others are generalists and sell anything from groceries, books, and clothes to beauty products, sports equipment, and even software.

  1.  Marketplaces.

    There are three main types of online marketplaces:

    1. B2B (business-to-business): Companies sell something to another company.
    2. B2C (business-to-customer): A company sells to its various customers.
    3. C2C (customer-to-customer): Based only on special individuals' offers and includes plans, but not entrepreneurs.
  2. Buy from abroad and receive services in Uganda.
  3. Car shopping websites
  4. Classified websites
  5. Electronics websites
  6. Fashion websites
  7. Kids’ Shopping websites
  8. Gift-shopping websites
  9. General shopping websites 
  10. Grocery shopping websites
  11. Food delivery websites
  12. Online Pharmacy websites
  13. Real estate shopping sites
  14. Hardware shopping websites
  15. Kitchen appliances shopping
  16. Music stores 
  17. Online bill payment websites
  18. Online Book Stores
  19. International online shopping websites
  20. Online Medical stores

So we have compiled a list of the top 10 best online shopping websites in Uganda.

The top ten online shopping websites in Uganda

Presently, there are hundreds of online shops in Uganda, but we have an exclusive list of the top online shopping sites in Uganda that are reputable and trusted to buy from.

1. Jumia Uganda (Marketplace)

Jumia website

Jumia is probably the brand that most people will mention if you ask them about online shopping sites in Uganda. It was founded in Lagos, Nigeria, in 2012 and has since expanded to many African nations, including Uganda.

Jumia is the largest multi-vendor e-commerce platform in Africa. The platform’s popularity stems from the ability to pay after delivery and also enables customers to shop for items in different categories: beauty and health products, electronics, phones and tablets, office and home furniture, fashion, gaming, etc. You can find just about anything on Jumia.

Telephone: 0312 531 805

2. Jiji Uganda (Classified website)

Jiji Website

Buy and sell for free! That’s the slogan. Jiji is a jack of all trades! You can sell and buy anything you like at a negotiable price; in fact, it’s the only online shopping site that allows you to bargain for a commodity.

Jiji is an online shopping platform where buyers meet sellers and vice versa. Jiji sellers can advertise their stuff for free on the marketplace, with the option of upgrading to premium advertising if they want their ads to be prioritised on the platform. Buyers can buy anything from this e-commerce site, including cars, furniture, bags, phones, and anything else posted by the sellers.

Telephone: +256 779 816999.
 Physical Address: Plot 85, Luthuli Avenue, Bugolobi, near Kissyfur International Kindergarten, Kampala, Uganda.

3. Kikuu (International)

KiKUU lets you shop for items from China and ship them to Uganda. KiKUU is an online shopping mall with over 400,000 products available on the app or website. The products vary from fashion products to electronics, accessories, and life essentials, and you can enjoy massive deals.

 Physical Address: Plot 85, Luthuli Avenue, Bugolobi, near Kissyfur International Kindergarten, Kampala, Uganda.

4. Ubuy Uganda (Buy from abroad, receive Ugandan services) 

Ubuy is the ultimate international online shopping experience platform in Uganda. They provide you with a world-class online shopping experience, along with superior service, to suit all your specific requirements.

Ubuy offers you the opportunity to choose top-branded products while sitting in the comfort of your home and just clicking on your requirements to get them delivered to your doorstep.

Their diverse categories of products comprise fashion and jewellery, mobiles and tablets, video gaming and entertainment, toys and games, baby care, home goods, gardening hand tools, electronics and computers, health care and supplements, sports and fitness, office and school supplies, beauty and perfumes, travel and outdoors, and automobile accessories. 

 Physical Address: AHA Towers, 4th Floor, Lourdel Road, Nakasero, Kampala, Uganda.

5. Masikini (Buy from abroad, receive Ugandan services)

Masikini is an online store in Uganda that enables one to shop from an endless range of products from the USA and UK using the safest payment options, like MTN Mobile Money.

Telephone: 0393 217 899, (0200) 901 623

6. God's Mercy Bookshop & Stationers (online book store)

God's Mercy Bookshop & Stationers is a popular bookstore and stationery store located in Kampala, Uganda. They specialize in textbooks for nursery, primary, and secondary schools, as well as Bibles, religious materials, and general stationery supplies.

Telephone: +256703564756, +256774549913
Physical Address: Namirembe Road, New taxipark building, Unit 674

7. Pavan Computers (Electronics website)

Pavan Computers is a reputable dealer in computer technology and accessories. They have been in the game for a while. Shoppers can find a range of computers, phones, and tablets.

Telephone: +256 790 915 162 (Answered during working hours only.)
 Physical Address: Garden City Shopping Mall, Yusuf Lule Road, Kampala, Uganda.

8. Uganda Bookshop (online book store)

This is specific to books and stationery items. The Uganda Bookshop is one of the oldest bookshops in Uganda, offering the largest variety of books, textbooks, bibles, prayer books, bible study guides, stationery, gifts and greeting cards, games, and transforming music.

Telephone: +256414 343756, +256779550877, +256709144505
Physical Address: Plot 4 Colville Street, Ebenezer House, kampala, Uganda

9. Kikuubo online (wholesale)

Kikuubo Online is an online wholesale B2B and B2C retail online supermarket platform built for individuals, homes, Duukas, Mini Markets, and organisations to buy goods at great value.

Telephone: +256 393 000 178/9 +256 393 000 178/9
P. O. Box: 25856, Kampala, Uganda.
Physical Address: Plot No. 15, Enterprise Road, Ntinda Industrial Area, Uganda

10. Facebook Marketplace (Classifieds)

This virtual community marketplace connects you directly with sellers in your city, offering a treasure trove of secondhand finds, hidden gems, and everyday essentials. From gently used furniture and electronics to clothes with character and vintage charm, Marketplace lets you score deals, support local sellers, and give pre-loved items a new lease on life. Just be ready to haggle

Facebook groups and pages are specifically created to cater to a particular niche, making the search for goods and services more accessible. You only need to join a specific group and ask for the specific product you are looking for.

11. Sweet Cakes and Confectioners (Bakery)

Sweet Cakes and Confectioners are renowned for their delectable cakes, cupcakes, and pastries. From fluffy sponge cakes to rich chocolate creations, they cater to every sweet tooth's desire.. Sweet Cakes consistently receives positive reviews from customers who praise their delicious cakes, friendly service, and beautiful designs on their Google Maps listing.

Telephone: +256 702 350725
Physical Address: Entebbe Road, Busaabala Junction, Kampala.

Other Online Shops in Uganda

The top ten online shopping sites in Uganda are the ones listed above, but there are a few others that are also worthwhile visiting. For your shopping convenience, check out these other websites.

Classified websites in Uganda

  1. Liquidation Uganda
  2. Ttunda
  3. Biz Uganda

Gift shopping websites in Uganda

  1. Gift Hub UG
  2. Flowers Uganda
  3. Hello Flowers UG
  4. Ruby’s Gift Store
  5. Jude Color Solutions
  6. Luxury Gifts Uganda

Food delivery websites in Uganda

  1. Jumia Food
  2. SafeBoda Food
  3. Café Javas
  4. KFC
  5. Glovo

Grocery shopping websites in Uganda

  1. Hello, Fresh Uganda
  2. Akatalefresh
  3. Supermarket Uganda
  4. Minute5
  5. Le Gourmet Kampala
  6. Ark Organics

Online Book Stores in Uganda

  1. Uganda Bookshop
  2. God’s Mercy Bookshop
  3. Bitabo Online

Kids’ Shopping websites in Uganda

  1. Seloni Kids Centre
  2. Kid’s Nook, Uganda
  3. Risco Kids

Online bill-payment websites in Uganda

  1. Xente
  2. PayWay
  3. ChapChap Africa

You might be looking for a product that isn’t available on any of these Ugandan-based websites; here’s where we go international! 

International online shopping websites

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. AliExpress
  4. Alibaba

You might already know these e-commerce trends and have found exactly what you need, but now the big question comes in:

How do I receive the products I ordered online from abroad?

You are in luck. Some companies are dedicated to providing you with delivery service while you shop from these international websites, but that’s another can of worms. Instead, we decided to get a mailing address. With this option, you can receive your goods without third parties being involved.

Before you place an order on any e-commerce website, you will need to provide a postal address (P.O. Box) where your items will be dropped off when they arrive.

Please read:Sending and receiving mail in Uganda with Posta Uganda. (One option you could use to receive your orders in Uganda.)

Alternatively, if you have a physical box (provided by Posta Uganda), your items will be dropped off at the Posta Uganda office near you. A notification mail will be placed in your box, and you will receive an SMS message asking you to go collect your items. Your box is hosted on Posta Uganda premises and is paid for annually.


What are the benefits of shopping online?

Online shopping offers a fast, easy, and interesting buying experience that comes with benefits such as:

  • Better Prices
  • More Variety
  • It's easy to send gifts 
  • More Control
  • Easy Price Comparisons
  • No Crowds
  • No Sales Pressure
  • Access to Used or Damaged Inventory
  • Privacy for Discreet Purchases

There are challenges when it comes to finding the right online store to buy from. Others promise what they can’t deliver, while others deliver what you didn’t order. So, to be safe, here are some security tips to follow while shopping online:.

Online shopping security tips in Uganda and any other place.

  • Shop with reputable retailers
  • Read the seller's refund and return policy
  • Beware amazing deals
  • Check if the site is secure
  • Do not send your credit card number via email.
  • Keep all significant receipts and written warranties so you can prove your purchase.
  • Choose to pay in full on delivery rather than pay the full amount in advance.
  • Avoid excessive deposits and high interim payments for products and services you have ordered.
  • Use gift cards, vouchers, and credit notes as soon as possible so you do not miss the expiration date.
  • Never sign up for open-ended charges on your card.
  • When you enter your card details, do not provide your bank account number as well.
  • Notify your credit card provider immediately if you become aware of an unauthorised transaction on your account.
  • You know exactly what you are buying
  • Pick strong passwords
  • Don’t fall for email scams
  • Guard your personal information
  • Report scammers

Some of these websites have mobile app counters, so if you prefer installing shopping apps on your phone, here's our Top Shopping Apps Ranking in Uganda

In a nutshell,

If you're planning to remain home today but still have a lot of shopping to do, consider using these incredible online retailers. They truly are South Africa's top 10 online retailers. You can shop online while still in your pajamas, rather than spending hours strolling around the mall. It's incredible to consider that just a few years ago, online purchasing was unheard of. We have a ton of options and variety today!

This article does not list all the online stores, but if you feel we missed anything, feel free to let us know in the comments below. And thanks to Muhwezi, who updated us on a website we had recommended earlier. Please feel free to share your experience with us when you shop on these websites.

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