The hill of Naguru, also known as Naggulu, is located near Kampala, Uganda's capital and biggest city. The name also refers to the areas of the hill that are home to businesses and residences.

Jun 27, 2022 - 14:45

Location of Naguru

The northeastern region of the city, in Nakawa Division, is where Naguru is situated. Ntinda, Nakawa, Namuwongo, Kololo, Kamwookya, Bukoto, and Kigoowa are its neighbors to the east, south, southwest, northwest, and north, respectively. About 4.5 kilometers (2.8 miles) northeast of Kampala's main commercial sector is where it is situated.



The tallest hill in Kampala is Naguru, which rises 4,331 feet above sea level. From this hill's breathtaking vista, one can see the tops of most of the other hills, including Kololo, Muyenga, Mbuya, and Mutungo. But Naguru is better known for its luxurious homes and communication masts. The Lugogo rugby, cricket, and tennis clubs are located at the base of the well-landscaped hill, together with quality inns and recreational facilities.

The renowned Nakawa market, the Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) show ground, where the yearly trade fairs are held, and a police barracks are all located at the base of the hill.


Points of interest

The following points of interest lie on Naguru Hill or near its edges:

  • The headquarters of the Uganda National Police
  • The headquarters of the Uganda Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs - In development.
  • Naguru Sanyu Babies Home - A private orphanage administered by Sanyu Babies Homes, an NGO.
  • Naguru Housing Estate - A public housing project, destined for demolition and modernization
  • Naguru General Hospital - A 200-bed public hospital built with assistance of the Chinese Government and administered by the Uganda Ministry of Health.
  • Panamera Bar & Restaurant
  • Protea Hotel Naguru Skyz
  • Protea Hotel Pinnacle

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