Unearth the Best Hostels in Kampala for Budget Explorers

In this guide, we'll explore some of the best hostels in Uganda, highlighting their unique features and what makes them stand out.

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Unearth the Best Hostels in Kampala for Budget Explorers
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Uganda, often referred to as the "Pearl of Africa," is a diverse and captivating destination that attracts travellers from around the globe. For budget-conscious adventurers, hostels offer an excellent accommodation option, providing affordability without compromising on comfort and experience.

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  1. The Importance of Choosing the Best Hostel in Kampala
  2. Roof Over Your Adventures: The Best Hostels to Make Memories in Kampala

The Importance of Choosing the Best Hostel in Kampala

When embarking on a journey to explore a vibrant city like Kampala, the choice of accommodation plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall travel experience. Opting for the right hostel can significantly enhance the enjoyment of the trip. Here are several key reasons why selecting the ideal hostel is crucial:

  • Budget Considerations: Hostels often cater to budget-conscious travellers, providing affordable accommodation options. Choosing the right hostel allows travellers to allocate more of their budget to experiences, activities, and exploring the local culture.
  • Social interaction and networking: Hostels are renowned for their communal atmosphere, which fosters interactions among like-minded travellers. The right hostel creates an environment where guests can share experiences, travel tips, and even find companions for local adventures. This social aspect adds a unique dimension to the travel experience.
  • Local Insights and Recommendations: Knowledgeable hostel staff can offer valuable insights into the local culture, hidden gems, and off-the-beaten-path attractions. Choosing a hostel with a staff that is well-acquainted with the city ensures that guests receive personalised recommendations, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of the destination.
  • Central Location and Accessibility: Opting for a centrally located hostel simplifies logistics and allows travellers to easily explore key attractions, markets, and dining options. The convenience of a hostel's location can save time and effort, enabling guests to make the most of their stay in Kampala.
  • Comfort and Amenities: The right hostel strikes a balance between affordability and comfort. Clean and well-maintained facilities, comfortable beds, and essential amenities contribute to a positive and relaxing environment. This becomes especially crucial after a day of exploring the city.
  • Cultural Immersion: Certain hostels are designed to provide a more immersive cultural experience. Choosing a hostel that incorporates local elements in its design, activities, or cuisine allows travellers to connect more deeply with the destination, creating lasting memories.
  • Safety and Security: Safety is a paramount concern for any traveller. The right hostel implements security measures, ensuring the safety of guests and their belongings. This peace of mind allows travellers to focus on enjoying their time in Kampala without unnecessary concerns.

Roof Over Your Adventures: The Best Hostels to Make Memories in Kampala

In this guide, we'll explore some of the best hostels in Uganda, highlighting their unique features and what makes them stand out.

1. Bushpig Backpackers

For those seeking a more rustic experience, Bushpig Backpackers is an excellent choice. Tucked away in a quiet corner of the city, this hostel provides a laid-back atmosphere with dormitory-style rooms and private cottages. The on-site restaurant serves delicious meals, and the hostel's garden is a perfect spot to unwind. Bushpig Backpackers also hosts regular live music events, creating a vibrant and entertaining atmosphere for guests.

This hostel is located in central Kampala, a short walk from Acacia Mall and Kisementi. It offers a range of accommodations to fit all backpacker and midrange budgets, with dormitories, singles, twins, triples, and self-contained double rooms.

Location: Plot 31 Acacia Avenue, Kampala, Uganda.

2. Red Chilli Hideaway

Located in the heart of Kampala, Red Chilli Hideaway is a popular choice for backpackers seeking a lively and social atmosphere. The hostel offers a mix of dormitory-style and private rooms, all adorned with colourful decor. With spacious communal areas, a swimming pool, and an on-site restaurant serving a variety of local and international dishes, Red Chilli Hideaway provides an ideal setting for travellers to relax and connect with fellow adventurers.

Location: 12-23 Bukasa Hill View Road, Kampala

3. Africa Treasures Home Hostel

This hostel is located in the Kyebando area of Kampala. It offers eight guestrooms with complimentary wireless Internet access. The hostel has a rating of 6.0. Hostels offer comforts such as separate sitting areas, in addition to amenities like free WiFi and free bottled water.

Location: Old Kira Road, Moyo Close, Kampala, Uganda.

4. The Fat Cat Backpackers

Situated in the trendy neighbourhood of Bugolobi, Fat Cat Backpackers is a cosy and budget-friendly hostel known for its welcoming atmosphere. The hostel features dormitory-style rooms and private accommodations, each equipped with essential amenities. The communal lounge area and garden offer a relaxed environment for guests to socialise, while the on-site bar serves refreshing drinks and local brews. The friendly staff at Fat Cat Backpackers often organise city tours and group activities for guests to explore Kampala together.

This hostel is located in the Kyebando neighbourhood of Kampala. It offers free breakfast, free WiFi, and free parking. The hostel has a variety of room options, including private rooms and shared dormitories.

Location: Plot 13 Bukoto Street, Kampala, Uganda.

5. The Five Horsemen

Best Hostel in Uganda as voted by Hostelworld 2020! The Five Horsemen is the only hostel of it’s kind in the heart of booming Nsambya, Kampala. Another top-rated party hostel, The Five Horsemen, is a favourite among solo travellers. It’s known for its fun events on the rooftop, perfect for meeting other travellers. This lodging is ideal for the digital nomad, with three tiers of wifi and extremely fast internet! Take the stairs to heaven, also known as The Rooftop Terrace, for those of you who want to mingle with the locals and experience a little bit of Kampala's vibrant nightlife. You'll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the city, making it the ideal spot for sundowners.

Location: Plot 1382, Ggaba Road, Plot 1382, Nsambya House, Kampala, Uganda

6. International Youth Hostel

International Youth Hostel Uganda was founded on June 8, 2001, and is located at the Pacify Samona building next to Lubiri Secondary School, on Natete Roard from Mengo Hospital in Kampala. Free wifi is available. All rooms are clean and friendly, with a good and cool environment.

Location: Nakawa Division, P.O. Box 35944, Kampala, Uganda.

7. Volunteers at the Uganda Hostel

This hostel operates a unique homestay programme that promotes cross-cultural understanding. It offers private, shared dormitory-style bedrooms.

Location: Nakawa Division, P.O. Box 35944, Kampala, Uganda.

8. Acacia Villa

Acacia, a warm, peaceful villa in the exclusive, safe neighbourhood of Upper Mawanda Road, is less than a 5-minute walk to Acacia Mall and all the best restaurants in Kampala. The house is such a rare find, as you will be very central while also in a peaceful private compound up on one of Kampala's seven beautiful hills.

This is a sustainable homestay in Kampala where guests can make the most of its garden and terrace. It features free private parking, a 24-hour front desk, and free WiFi.

Location: Plot 567, Upper Mawanda Road, Kampala, Uganda.

9. Mamba Point Guesthouse

While not a traditional hostel, Mamba Point Guesthouse offers budget-friendly accommodation with a touch of elegance. Located in the upscale Kololo neighbourhood, this guesthouse provides comfortable rooms and a serene atmosphere. Guests can enjoy the lush garden, terrace, and on-site restaurant offering a mix of continental and Ugandan cuisine. Mamba Point Guesthouse is an excellent option for travellers seeking a more refined hostel experience in Kampala.

Location: Plot 22, Akii Bua Road, Kampala, Uganda


Kampala's hostels offer a diverse range of accommodations, ensuring that budget travellers can experience the city without compromising on comfort or social interactions. Whether you prefer a lively atmosphere with pool parties, a laid-back garden setting, or a more upscale guesthouse experience, Kampala's hostels cater to various preferences, making your stay in the capital of Uganda both memorable and affordable.

Please note that the information is based on the latest available data and may vary. For the most accurate information, I recommend contacting the hostels directly or visiting their official websites. Enjoy your stay in Kampala!

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