Middle east restaurant and Café : Uganda's King of Shawarma

Variety Of Middle East Food with Best Ambiance and the best Shawarma dishes in Kampala. Taste original shawarma Like in Dubai , and All Middle East Food, Like Hummus Tahina, Falafel, Beef Kabab, Monkish, Cocktails, Ice cream & many more

May 5, 2022 - 14:15
Middle east restaurant and Café : Uganda's King of Shawarma
Middle east restaurant and Café : Uganda's King of Shawarma
Middle east restaurant and Café : Uganda's King of Shawarma

Middle East restaurant is one of the most recent developments in the restaurant industry around kampala and has won acclaim for being the king of shawarma in kampala. It's located in Marigold Heights along Kira Road in Bokoto, just next to Middle East supermarket. If you're coming here, and you have a car or coming as a family, there is ample parking space. 

As you walk in, the place looks neat, with good customer service. SOPs are being observed and you will be curious why it is dubbed the king of shawarma. To find out we had an interview with the head of operations at Middle East Restaurant.

“Our shawarma is very unique and very special. It is just like the shawarma that you find in UAE, Dubai or in lebanon. What makes it authentic is because we are using the same, and some special, recipes that they use in Dubai and Lebanon.”

- he said.

Making Shawarma

"Which is very authentic like the way it is made in Dubai and in Lebanon" - he added.

Middle East Restaurant has two types of Shawarma;  beef shawarma and chicken shawarma.

Shawarma is then cut. Cutting shawarma is a unique art. The chef has to be highly experienced. The chefs working here are highly experienced because they have worked for almost 10 years in Dubai, the Middle East and in Lebanon. If shawarma is not cut properly, you probably won't enjoy it. 

Cutting shawarma at middle east restaurant

Chicken shawarma

It is made sure that only the top quality chicken, from the best farms in Uganda are used and that the chicken is fresh. After receiving the chicken, it is  marinated daily.

The chicken is marinated for almost two days, so that it gives the proper flavor and taste. So that you can smell the barbecue, and the cooking flavor.

We further went into the process of making the shawarma.

First you get the garlic sauce, then a very special Middle East sauce. This sauce is made with a secret recipe, specifically made here, with very authentic non-disclosed ingredients. And pickles and finally some Irish potatoes. This applies to the chicken shawarma.

Beef shawarma

On the other hand, the beef shawarma is prepared with the special Middle East sauce, then some broccoli and onions. And finally the tahini.

The shawarma is wrapped and served to the customer.

Takeaway shawarma at middle east restaurant

For takeaways, the shawarma is heated on a grill to ensure that when it reaches the customer, at their homes or in office or residence, it is still warm and they still enjoy it like in the restaurant. You get the same restaurant feeling/taste.

how much is the chicken shawarma at Middle East Restaurant?

chicken shawarma is selling at ten thousand only (Ushs 10,000/=). The reason behind this is they want shawarma to reach each and every person in Uganda. We have people of drama these days yeah and they're very unique and we have to spend our summer all across the country.

There is a promotion on Jumia, at eight thousand you get a shawarma, a chip and a soda at eight thousand shillings (Ushs 8,000/=) every Thursday from Middle East Restaurant. 

The gennie machine

cooking chicken in the genie machine

At Middle East Restaurant there is this machine called a genie, simply because it does wonders. Here chicken is roasted on a slow fire. Chicken is cooked on a very slow fire for a long time giving you that smoky direct fire flavor.  It takes a minimum two and a half hours. the moment this chicken is on the plate, it's so juicy and tender.

There are layers: the uppermost layer which is almost ready, the second layer keeps switching.

It's so tempting. The chicken can be served whole in take away. If you come to the restaurant, the chicken is cut into half and served on platters with rice or chips. You can come down here with your kids and enjoy the whole chicken.

If you like selfies, tick tock and many other glamorous activities, then Middle East Restaurant has got a well decorated spot just for you.

Kebabs at Middle East Restaurant

kebabs at middle east restaurant

The Middle East Restaurant has a very elaborate menu. The shawarma section covers only a percentage of the menu. They also have kebabs in different varieties. These kebabs, which are very special, are prepared by chefs from Dubai who are specialized in making these kebabs. 

Some of the kebabs include;

  • Chicken Shish Kebab.
  • Beef kebabs.
  • Dubai kebabs.
  • Beef sequer. These are chunks of meat, with some beef fat, which is built together to give you the fine and finished perfection. Others are marinated with spices, flavors or herbs.
  • sheep liver.
  • beef liver.

The lounge 

This lounge actually was designed in such a way that it gives a different feel, from the entire seating. You can have a situation where some people are waiting, they can use it.

Sometimes when the restaurant has some VIPs for a special meeting, or conversation, and are not necessarily here to dine. This lounge can be used for those special meetings in the restaurant.

Middle East Restaurant Menu

The elaborate menu compliments the green theme color of the whole restaurant. The key words on the menu is “King of Shawarma”.

One item we would recommend from this menu if you were here for the first time is the mixed grilled platter. The mixed grilled platter contains a different variety and different flavors, all on one plate. The platter is Ushs 30,000/=

Other items on the menu include;

humus at middle east restaurant

  • Hummus. Hummus is an ancient recipe straight from the Middle East. It is a combination of chickpeas and acids pureed into a paste and spread on bread, chips of varying types and vegetables.The hummus costs Ushs 15,000/=.
  • Shawarma Baguette. This can either be of chicken or beef. This costs Ushs 30,000/=.
  • Fattoush. Fattoush, a traditional Lebanese salad, is a delicious combination of fresh veggies, a bright citrus dressing, herbs and toasted pita bread. The Fattoush costs Ushs 15,000/=.
  • Falafel. Falafel is a popular Middle Eastern “fast food” made of a mixture of chickpeas (or fava beans), fresh herbs, and spices that are formed into small patties or balls. It has also become a popular vegan food in Egypt and throughout the Middle East.
  • The feast. This is a plate of rice, with half chicken and salad at Ushs 39,000/=.
  • Jumbo Platter.
  • Shawarma, etc

Apart from these, You also have a customized option. Customers can design their own platter. 

For example one can come and choose their kebabs, and then make it they can choose beef or liver, spicy sausage and accompanied with the chilis. This type of platter has no fixed price but rather is charged depending on what you select.


I'd recommend every one to go and try out the famous shawarma from the king himself - Middle east restaurant and cafe.

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