The top Ride-hailing apps in Uganda including Safeboda and Uber

In Uganda, the ride-hailing industry has already been dominated by Safeboda. In this post, we will share with you a list of ride-hailing apps to Grab for your riding convenience while in Uganda

May 24, 2022 - 14:25
The top Ride-hailing apps in Uganda including Safeboda and Uber

One of the most popular ways of getting around in Uganda is the motorcycle-taxi or boda-boda. They are called so, because in the beginning, they were used for smuggling goods across borders by rural footpaths.

If you’re reliant on public road transport in Uganda, it’s inevitable that you’ll use a boda-boda at some stage. But before hopping aboard you should be aware of a poor safety record. Boda-boda riders are invariably lacking in formal training and road safety awareness.

If you don’t feel safe, our best advice is to use a ride-hailing app.

A list of ride-hailing companies in Uganda

1. SafeBoda

SafeBoda is the most prominent ride-hailing company on Kampala streets todate. Thousands of riders have since joined the company. SafeBoda has changed a lot since its inception. Its developers and software engineers have taken it upon themselves to turn the app into a super app.

2. Uber

2 years after SafeBoda’s launch in Kampala, Uber, which had been in Africa for three years, made Uganda its third country. But unlike SafeBoda which focused on motorcycles, Uber also has digital hailing of car taxis.

3. Bolt (formally Taxify)

Taxify is an Estonia-based ride-hailing company which also joined in on the market.

Bolt is probably the most serious competitor to Uber in Uganda. The App offers Boda Boda, Sedans and SUV options. The least starting journey costs 4500shs. Bolt also charges 20% commission on all rides.

4. Mondo ride

Mondo Ride enters the market as one that aims to create a community of boda drivers that value professionalism, road safety and being role models in their community.

5. Dail Jack

Dial Jack, for instance, introduced a feature codenamed Hail Button, which can be used by passengers who don’t own smartphones. The New Boda boda service also offers many more initiatives to both the customer and Boda bodas than its competitors meaning that;

The Revolutionary Launch initiatives include Free Boda boda rides to anyone, anywhere on the First day of our operations. Thereafter, there will be 50% for all rides to anyone for the next month. All one has to do is to download the Dial Jack app onto their phones and enjoy the best service not experienced before.

6. Little Ride

A Kenyan grown ride-hailing company also announced its Kampala launch. For Uganda, Little has only 2 products for cars. The retail and corporate. The corporate is for companies that don’t need to use cash while moving with Little. They currently have more than 2000+ registered drivers in Uganda. 

7. Ori ride

Ori Rides is a Uganda taxi-hailing app owned by proprietor Onyango Owor. With the ORI Rides App, you can conveniently order for a cab to pick you from anywhere within Kampala and drop you anywhere within, around, or even outside Kampala. 

The company extends its services further like hailing an ambulance on your phone. An ambulance is like an insurance service, you never know when you will need one.

8. Lolo Ride

Rides Uganda is here to change the way you move around the city. Unlike many transport Apps, Lolo is a better choice as it helps you to fulfill your business potential, improve transportation in the region, and simply connect people with life‑changing circumstances. Services range from cab, Boda Boda, Package delivery and soon introducing ambulance services.

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