The craft beer culture entrances the borders of Uganda through the only currently known craft beer microbrewery existing in the country; Banange Brewing Company.

May 25, 2022 - 14:30

Banange is a Ganda word that simply translates to “Oh my God, Comrades, My people!” The word is synonymous of excitement, comradeship and togetherness, much of which the Banange brewing company implores in its craft to bring you the ever first craft beer made in Uganda. Craft beer is descent and descriptive of the word in its name-the craft; an art that has been constantly passed down for generation.

The craft dictates an element of handmaking, and commonly causes many craft beer breweries to be micro. Banange Brewing Company, that shares premise with Yujo Izakaya, is unarguably small and equally follows suit on the microbrewery characteristic with its technique in the handmaking- the different beer types made are produced from a number of carefully handpicked ingredients that are concisely used in the brew process to produce its Banange beers, with the top-notch quality

The company was founded in 2017 by Páll and Adam who met while Kayaking on the Nile. The two beer enthusiasts and now CEOs of the Banange brewing company while there, discovered their shared passion for beer as well, and followed was the founding of the Brewing Company. The two founders’ goal was to share their passion for beer with Ugandans, hence they mastered the brewing processes, that they would later pass on to their employees as the company grew. Banange brewing company is independent, as it is characteristic of many microbreweries in the craft beer business, giving it the freedom of flexibility in the crafting process.

Banange brewing Company, is now supplier of various craft beer types to more than 20 locations around Kampala, including Hotels like Protea Hotel, Latitude O, Kabira country club and Speke Hotels, Lounges and Bars like Que Pasa, Olives and, Supermarkets and Convenience stores such as Carrefour, Quality supermarkets and Total, an achievement that has been realised through tactical listings done by the company sales team through the recent years.

Banange Brewing, as a company has indeed been brewed of the togetherness in its name, through realising identities of its customers with the variety of the Banange beers. For the variety of beer types the company brews and supplies that is; the Banange IPA (Indian Pale Ale), Belgian Witbier, Amber, Stout and the Lite, Banange brewing prides itself in being able to know and identify what some of its customers’ orders are only by looking at their names or their faces.

The Indian Pale Ale; is a hoppy beer characterized by a distinctive bitterness created by the greater number of hops used in its brewing technique, its dark rich aroma, and aggressive bitterness has made it the most popular over the years. And this popularity follows suit even in Uganda, as it is Banange Brewing’s most consumed type.  If your enthusiasm for a cold one lies in its distinctive is bitterness, then the Banange IPA is tailored just right to give you this great taste.

The Belgian Witbier; With a lower bitterness than the IPA, the Belgian Witbier still brings to the lips a flavoured taste engineered by ingredient; the unmalted wheat that flavoured with touch of coriander and the orange peel gives it a light taste. With its ABV 5.8%, the highest on the list, makes it one for the strong headed, and its light sweetness makes it a sweet but canny lurer to watch out for.

The Amber; With the caramel flavours and the Munich malt, the amber has a sweetness for greatness. The Ale is made to a low bitterness, a revised sweetness and profound flavour to give it more than just the colour of amber, or just the characteristic of a gem it is, but a taste that leaves you wanting for more.

The Stout; Does Stout mean dark? does Stout mean strong? Does Stout mean well-built? The Banange Stout sure comes to your lips with all the three, a triple threat with a scented darkness and strong taste varied perfectly with more than just a sprinkle of chocolate, the chocolatey ale is dark, bitter sweet, and fulfilling to the taste buds.

The Lite; In the light of the craft, the lite is made bring refreshment. A low bitterness, a lighter ABV (alcohol by volume), and sweet taste of an amalgam of light caramel, white bread and lemon, and a balanced character brought by the centennial hops, the Banange lite, is refreshingly light, and refreshingly lite. 
At its home at Yujo Izakaya restaurant located in Nakasero, the brewery welcomes the curious, the beer enthusiasts and more for a taste and tour, that can be concluded by the renowned beer-pub experience, where you get to taste all its available flavours at the heart of the brewer.

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